S3E7-Rural Innovation in Ireland

July 8, 2019

A growing population, opportunities in a variety of industries and sectors, focus on experience and food, and a drive to find new and better ways of doing just about anything? If you think this describes a trendy metropolis, think again. Rural Ireland is creating a range of innovative rural development strategies that bring together residents, industry, civil sector and academic institutions on projects that range from implementation of broadband internet access, to agro-tourism, to intellectual capital vouchers. In this episode of Rural Routes you’ll hear from Dr. Felicity Kelliher at the Waterford Institute of Technology on rural innovation in Ireland.

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Dr. Felicity Kelliher profile page: https://www.wit.ie/about_wit/contact_us/staff_directory/felicity_kelliher

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Music by Laura C. Bates performed by Trent Severn.

3 comments on “S3E7-Rural Innovation in Ireland

  1. Fay Martin Aug 7, 2019

    I commented, I guess on Soundcloud, but in case that’s not ‘affiliated’ (wow, was that word used a lot, and in ways I had not previously even considered!), I’ll repeat here. It was a lovely podcast. I could listen to Kelliher read the phone book and remain interested, such is the siren call of her accent, but the content was excellent and applicable in many ways to my rural ‘cottage country’ Ontario community. Many thanks. And I will be checking other Rural Routes podcasts to see what other treasures lie therein!.

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