Developing a funding program

December 5, 2015

A bit of a milestone today. I have completed a fundraising page on the – a platform dedicated to helping people sustain projects such as Rural Routes Podcasts. Patreon is different from other crowdfunding platforms because it allows for monthly subscriptions as low as $1 a month, which provides a steady, long-term support to projects such as this one. Fronting the initial costs for a project like this is a one time cost and it is manageable. It is the continuing cost of creating high-quality content that is difficult to sustain.

At this point, I will not be promoting the fundraising page although it is fully operational (so by all means, feel free to contribute a $1 and test it out). Over the next two months, I plan to develop a bank of content so that I can comfortably launch Episode 1 on March 3, 2016 and continue to publish every Thursday of the week. In the meantime, watch this space for the updates on the project and a couple of few short test pre-episodes as we come closer to the launch date.

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