S3E2 – Community First Tourism Development

October 17, 2018

Developing rural tourism is a complicated process fraught with pitfalls, but, when done right, it provides economic and social benefits to rural communities. In this episode we talk to researchers and practitioners about tourism development in Newfoundland and Labrador, Scotland, Denmark, Alberta, and BC. And, if you speak Klingon, you’re in luck- this rural tourism episode includes a trip to Vulcan! So, come with us where no episode has gone before.


Colony of Avalon
Centre for Regional and Tourism Research
Mark Stoddard
Heather Mair

Rural Routes Partners:
The Leslie Harris Centre of Regional Policy and Development, MUN
Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation 
Rural Policy Learning Commons Partnership
The National Campus and Community Radio Association

CHMR Campus Radio

Music by Laura C. Bates performed by Trent Severn.

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