Access to broadband internet in rural Canada is spotty at best. However, much depends on it. From emergency communications, to economic development projects, to social cohesion, internet in rural areas can open up a myriad of opportunities. In this episode, we explore everything from the history of broadband in rural Canada, to current situation, to community-based efforts to provide broadband access. You will hear from Greg Lay, former mayor of Kaslo in BC, Bob Annis, former director of the Rural Development Institute at Brandon University in Manitoba, Wayne Kelly a researcher currently working at the RDI, Meghan Wrathall, a student at Brandon University, and Dr. Christopher Horsetief from BC who shares a personal story about the importance of broadband internet access in a rural emergency.


Dr. Christopher Horsethief

Wayne Kelly profile

Bob Annis

Submit a brief to the Parliament of Canada on Rural Broadband Connectivity

CRTC: Closing the broadband gap

Internet declared human right

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